Burton upon Stather

Parish Councillors

Councillor NameRole(s)Contact Details
Cllr Craig Allison
Chairman~Parish Council
Finance committee
Planning Committee
Burial ground Committee member
Thealby Play Area Committee Member
PFA Representative
Tel: 07799412391
Email: theonecraigallison@outlook.com
Cllr William Johnston
Vice Chairman~Parish Council,
Parish Magazine Editor
Tel: 07810 432221
Email: johnston890@btinternet.com
Cllr PF BellChairman~ Finance CommitteeTel: 01724 720327
Email: peterfbell@waitrose.com
Cllr M PeaceChairman ~ Planning Committee
Thealby Play Area Committee
Tel: 01724 720363
Email: mpeace1941@yahoo.co.uk
Cllr AM CroftChair ~ Village Hall Committee
Chair ~ Thealby Play Area Committee
Finance Committee
Vice Chair ~ Planning committee
Tel: 01724 720835
Email: mrs.ann.croft@gmail.com
Cllr P. PringleTel: 07572132429
Email: penelope.pringle@btinternet.com
Cllr C. HarberVillage Hall committee
PFA Committee
Tel: 07854529379
Email: cathy@cathysrainbows.co.uk
Cllr A. CraddockVillage Hall Committee
Thealby Play Are Committee
Finance Committee
Cllr D MayTel: 07784060991
Email: dianamayx@aol.com
Mrs Candace BrentClerk to the parish CouncilTel: 07982 265914
Email: clerk.buspc@hotmail.co.uk