Burton upon Stather

About Our Parish

Burton-upon-Stather is a village and parish in North Lincolnshire, England. The village lies 5 miles (8.0 km) north of Scunthorpe, and is near the east bank of the River Trent. The civil parish consists of Burton-upon-Stather and the hamlets of Normanby and Thealby; its population at 2001 was 2,737.

The term Stather is of Danish origin and implies a landing-stage, although there has been some kind of landing stage or port here since at least roman times. Up to 1914, the river landing was used as a calling place by steamers and lighters between Gainsborough and Hull.
Burton-upon-Stather is situated on the limestone ridge known as the Lincolnshire Edge. It occupies a prominent position at the top of a steep slope that runs down to the River Trent..

The location of Burton-upon-Stather provides the town with its most notable topographical feature and results in dramatic views to the west over the River Trent and the wide flat valley of the Humber Head Levels beyond. To the east of the village, on the back slope of the Edge, is elevated open farmland. Here running down to the foot of Lincolnshire Wold escarpment, the fields are large, with low hedges for boundaries and a few tree groups.

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