Burton upon Stather

How to Get Your Business Listed

This website offers a fantastic list of local business within the areas of Burton-upon-Stather, Normanby and Thealby. The costs are as follows:

Classifield section only - annual£25 / 12 monthsPayment must be made 1 week in advance.
Classifield plus rotating banner sections - annual£50 / 12 monthsPayment must be made 1 week in advance.
Creation of single webpage on this site*£10 - One off design charge
Creation of rotating banner advert**£10 - One off Charge

*If you do don’t have your own website, letting us create a page within this site is a perfect way to provide more information about your business and services.
** Alternatively you can provide your own banner we require a jpeg image 200×200 pixels and no more the than 200kb

All payments must be by cheque and paid in advance. Our advertisements consist of a 200 by 200 pixel image which is rotated through every page in our website. That is to say there are 4 advertising positions at the bottom of every page. If there are only 4 active adverts, they will always display. However, if there are say, for example 6 active adverts, the banner manager will randomly rotate them giving even advertising exposure to each.

Looking at the advertising rates above, only the monthly rate is a rolling contract. The others must be renewed with the Clerk of the Parish Council beforehand. Please be aware, that if your business is from outside of Burton Upon Stather, Normanby or Thealby, then it must not directly compete against businesses in the area. We do however welcome adverts from outside of the area.

Included in the cost you pay is the design of the advert. Don’t worry, you will get the opportunity to approve the results before it goes live. It is recommended to begin the process a few weeks in advance.

Advertisement Process

Contact the Clerk of the Parish Council, Mrs Candace Brent and request an advert.
The Clerk will review the type of advert to ensure there is no conflict with other business and that it is suitable.
You will agree a contract length.
The next part in the process is to arrange the design of the advert. It may be necessary to email a nice photo of your business front to the Clerk. If you do not have an email address, please ask the Clerk to help you take a photo. There will be an additional charge of £10 to take the photo.
You will need to write a few words describing what your business offers and some contact information. Limit the word count to no more than 25 words. If you are not sure what to write, we can assist you.
An example of the ad will be emailed to you for approval. If you have no email, please make yourself available to the office of the Clerk so you can view a copy on her computer. She is in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Upon approval, the advert will go live.

Your Own Webpage

Another great opportunity is the chance to have your own webpage hosted on the burtonuponstather website. The cost for writing the page is a fixed one-off fee of £10. Simply write down in the form of an email, Word document or even a piece of paper everything you want to appear and we will upload it for you.

Again, you will get the chance to see how it looks before it goes live.

For those who already have their own website, the advert can link directly to your own webpage. You also have the choice to simply place the ad with no link at all. Either way, your advert will be noticed!